About me

Researcher in Linguistics. Syntax, typology, Welsh.

PhD in Linguistics from the University of Manchester.

I'm from a very small town called Bethesda in North Wales, UK, where there are lots of Welsh speakers and beautiful landscapes.


Bethesda, my hometown, is 80%+ Welsh speaking* and we do a pretty good job of living in Welsh, as is the current political motto of Welsh language activists. On the whole, we speak Welsh at home, our schools are Welsh-medium and thanks to these high-numbers, people in local jobs end up spending a lot of their worktime in Welsh too. Having said that, our lives are pretty bilingual Welsh / WEnglish. 

*according to the 2011 census, as far as I can tell.

I'm currently a Research Associate at Cardiff University where I work on the WISERD Project researching Welsh linguistics and sociology of language. I was previously based at UWE as an Associate Lecturer. I have worked as a lecturer at Bangor University and at the University of Huddersfield. This is my second post at Cardiff; I contributed to the data collection and processing aspects of the CorCenCC project (see Projects) to create a National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh. My thesis provided a description of the Welsh impersonals like dywedir and casglwyd , in order to identify the aspects of the Welsh impersonal morphology that impact syntax. The thesis also addressed the subject of unaccusativity in Welsh. See Output for more information and see Projects for other projects.

In the tabs above, you'll find more information on my background in linguistics (Projects, Output) and one with a summary of my research written in Welsh (Cymraeg), in case you were wondering. Ideally I'd like to share all my data, but for now, the page data contains a few lists that might be of use to people researching Welsh.